Voor 2016 nog plaatsen beschikbaar voor een fietsvakantie op Kefalonia


Fitness and experience

For cycling on the Island of Kefalonia, a sufficient physical condition is required. In addition, good health is a plus. Are you not sure? Check with your home or sports doctor for a medical certificate. This certificate certifies you to participate in a bicycle holiday.


Cycling is generally a safe sport, but accidents can never be ruled out. Therefore, Hellenic Cycling racing program participants are obliged to wear a helmet. Hellenic Cycling can provide you with a professional helmet. Participants should always observe the traffic rules. If you choose to take your own bike to Kefalonia, we advise you to have good (new) tires. Make sure the brakes work properly (new pads), the stopping distance in the mountainous parts is considerably longer than on flat roads.

Sun and heat

Temperatures on the Island of Kefalonia are generally very pleasant, but on very hot days it is important to protect yourself against the sun. We advise the participants in our cycling holidays to protect legs and arms with sunscreen at the start of a day trip. Many sunglasses protect your eyes from ultraviolet sunlight.

Water is a vital fluid for our bodies. During cycling, the body will lose considerable liquid and it is important to drink regularly during hot days!